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Garmin Explore Website and GPX Files


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57 minutes ago, timault84 said:

I am having a hard time with the Garmin Explore website. I can import a gpx file into the website, but I can not get the geocaches to show their names, only the GeoCode. Does anyone know what I am missing?


Thanks in advance.

The Garmin Explore website reads the GPX'  "Name" tag (which holds the GCcode). To get the literally cache name the website should read the GPX' description tag (which holds the caches' name).

[...]  <wpt lat="53.608683" lon="10.043533">
    <desc>Die Lange Nacht der Berliner 7.0 by Hecht01, Jens_HH, Basteleule, Event Cache (1/1)</desc> [...]

It's up to Garmin correcting their website's wrong (regarding geocache GPX files) behaviour.



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