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Geocaching official clothing/rucksack patch

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Hi everyone was considering about clothing patches to stick on my rucksack as in some cases they have the members user name/number etc has geocaching. Com considered such a thing? I'm still in early days of geocaching I've only just got a GPS and I've gotta get other required bits before I can make a full day of it happy geocaching everyone ?

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Shop geocaching sells quite a few patches and pins,  with many trackable too.   :)

I'd think to add member's account names might be more than they'd like to handle (and costly), both in on-site embroidery or outsourcing.

 Even their name tags say the tag   "provides plenty of space to add your name and personal touch".    ;)


We had our denim Harley jackets embroidered on the back with Cerberus 1,  and the same avatar as on the left,  with our real names over a pocket in front.

The embroidery costs just a little less then the jackets themselves...

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