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Celebration in Greensboro

El Diablo

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We will be holding a celebration in honor of two cachers..Cache hunter_1 of Roanoke and joeybob of Raliegh, who will try to reach their 100th cache find.


this celebration will be held at Applebees on Battleground ave on Sunday the 1st of September at about 4pm..give or take a few minutes. All cachers are invited to come out and celebrate this remarkable milestone. I promise there will be many war stories over this one! icon_biggrin.gif


El Diablo


Everything you do in life...will impact someone,for better or for worse.

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DAVE AND DIANE ... looking forward to seeing you again! You been keeping David straight! I mean with a new GPS and all ... he's probably been hard to control! icon_biggrin.gif



Co-founder of the "NC/VA GEO-HOG ASSOCIATION"

... when you absolutely have to find it first!

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Joeybob, must you add fuel to your fire? Come on, my friend. Do you think this is gonna be a cake walk? I'm already thinking about that cold beer I will enjoying, not to mention that nice juicy steak. Ah, far from the MREs, we will be.

There will be a cold glass of apple juice waiting for you at the bar. Cheers!



If I had a nickel for every sewerline near rivers and lakes, I'd be RICH!!

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Originally posted by JoeyBob:

Hey, JeffersonStone said I would be starting at 7:00 am, we might be there by lunch!




You may be in Detroit by noon...your not adverse to flying are you...Visa card has lots of room on it??


El Diablo


Everything you do in life...will impact someone,for better or for worse.

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