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Atlanta Area Geocachers' Gathering!!!

Guest tjbowers

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Guest tjbowers

My apologies to all who have waited with baited breath for the gathering. I've been swamped at work and finally just decided to do it. After all, LoCache is right. If we want it to happen we ought to just do it! (Thanks for the push and support, man!).


Following LoCache's suggestion, the gathering has been listed as a cache. I won't tell you where we're gathering--you'll have to hunt us down--but, I will tell you when. We're gathering on Saturday, June the 9th at 4 p.m. The location is friendly to kids of all ages and meeting at 4 should allow some folks to log a cache (or two) in the morning.


I'll update the cache site with more details once I have a chance but at least the coord's are posted (as soon as Jeremy adds the post, that is).


If anyone has questions please feel free to email me (Jess) at t_j_bowers@hotmail.com and I'll respond just as soon as possible. I look forward to meeting everyone and sharing stories.


Happy Caching!



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Guest erik88L-R

Finding each other shouldn't be a problem. Mapblast indicates we'll be sitting on the West shoulder of I75, right??

Or maybe I will need to use that GPS thing to find exactly where it is?!

Looking forward to it!


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Guest tjbowers

Oh the plans, they are a changin'!


The location for our gathering is now up in the air. (Details on the cache page) I'd like to find a nice park on the north side of town (or just outside of town) with two items in particular. First, there needs to be a covered picnic shelter we can reserve (I'll be happy to make arrangements). Second, we need enough woodlands so that several caches can be hid nearby. I've been in contact with a fellow cacher in Chicago and she's provided me with some great ideas for the gathering. I promise to post all details just as soon as they're online. To keep up with the latest be sure to add the "Atlanta Area Geocacher's Gathering" event cache to your "watch" list. Or, email me at t_j_bowers@hotmail.com for the latest details.


Sorry about the change, I hope's it's worth the trouble.


Jess Bowers

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Guest LoCache

Count me in, of course! I can't wait to meet everyone! As I mentioned on the cache page, we have much to discuss...not only do we have the fun of meeting and getting to know one another, we get the joy of discussing this whole GA State Parks thing.



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Guest tjbowers

Just an update for those who weren't able to attend. We had a great turnout with twenty-five plus folks showing up at one time or another. In fact, it was such a great turn out that we planned another meeting. We're on for July 14 from 3 to 5 pm. We don't know where yet but LoCache is looking for a spot. There was a great deal of talk about the State Park situation and Black Knight reported that all is not lost. He and some others are meeting with local park officials in the near future and they will report back to everyone at the next meeting. Keep an eye out for more info about the next gathering here in this Groundspeak forum as well as the new event cache at geocaching.com


Jess Bowers



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