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Shout-out for Bethany from Kansas - Garmin Agent

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I had a bit of a problem on the go with my Oregon 550t today which meant I had to cache by phone.  It turned out to be a bit of a challenge, and I ended up chatting online to Bethany in Kansas City, the Garmin Agent allocated to my call.  


Although I type quickly and Bethany was responding to me quickly, it took over an hour for us to track down the problem and I won't bore you with everything here.  What I wanted to say was that it has been a long time since I last needed to liaise with Garmin, and as I said to her, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the standard of service was every bit as good as I'd experienced before, and heard about from others.  


Thank you Bethany, and keep up the good quality of personnel/service, Garmin.  I told her I'd be posting here and she admitted to doing a bit of caching, so hopefully will see this.



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Earlier this summer I reported a function issue regarding my 66s to GPSrChive. They confirmed the concern and listed it as bug #58 and suggested that I inform Garmin about it. I did that, and got a response back from Jessica of Product Support at Garmin International who also stated she confirmed the issue. The recent installation of version 3.40 has fixed that bug. And today, I received a nice email from Jessica asking how my 66s is behaving and supplying me with full installation details of 3.40 if I hadn't already done so. That was very nice and unexpected. Naturally, I whined about a few other issues when I responded back, lol. Seriously, it was a nice touch to know that my concern was being followed up. And I also  think the staff at GPSrChive is doing an excellent job of being a go-between for Garmin. 

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