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GPSMAP 66 fw 3.40 - released 2019-09-26


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You could say try without Birdseye (which is a subscription built into the price), different maps, etc. I could make 50 videos of 50 scenarios, and the only question is how long, or whether or not it turns itself off, or freezes so I also have to take the case off and pull the batteries out.

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This hit too close to home as I'm hundreds of miles from home without a computer, hoping that my geocaching live PQs download quickly... 


For seemingly no reason, an hour into my trip, I had a catastrophic crash with loss of PQs. I removed the SD card containing the .gpx files, restarted without it, replaced the card and restarted it, and never got it to see the PQs after repeating this miserable procedure all day. I will note that being on the road, in the woods, or in a river are rotten places to have to take your battery pack and SD card out. This really wrecked my caching trip. I do love this unit, when it's behaving, so my workflow depends on having it running. When there are no caches on it, it isn't useful. I even tried to stop at a fast food place to get on geocaching live, but for the first time, the wifi had one of those "I agree" buttons that would need to be pushed in a browser, so I couldn't get it online.


Oddly, the waypoints associated with the PQs, and my maps, loaded just fine after reindexing. Garmin seems to have given up... this has happened to me about 15 times.


This is relevant because the unit had a nag screen about installing the new software, and after I realized it wasn't getting fixed on this trip, I let it update. I do see "remove dashboard" as an option now, but otherwise haven't noticed anything new. 


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_Art_, thanx for your ongoing helpful posts. I used my moderator superpowers to tweak the subject in a way more helpful to humans and machines searching in the future for info about this release. Please help keep the subject lines focused to help people find relevant topics.

We've had a few poor examples lately as I've been distracted with real life and not had time to correct them, so I don't mean to single out _Art_ - this request for help goes to everyone.

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