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Garmin GPSMAP 66 and Multicache child waypoints

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I have just bought a GPSMap66ST and it is a massive improvement on my previous GPS.  I really like the ability to be able to tether to my Android phone and download caches.  The problem is that if it is a multi cache I can't see the child waypoints and that is really frustrating.  Can anyone please advise me what I am doing wrong?  Thanks

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You are not doing anything wrong.


I suspect this is a similar issue to when users were reporting that GCLive geocaches with corrected coordinates were being transferred with original coordinates, which turned out to be a Groundspeak issue, and was corrected without any updates to the Garmin GPSr.


It is currently unclear (to me) if this is a Garmin issue or Groundspeak issue.....


But, it is an Issue!

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I may have solved my own problem as just found this on 

55. GC Live function fails to download any additional waypoints (Parking, Multi-cache stages, etc.) when available, effectively rendering the GC Live 'feature' useless for a large percentage of available geocaches. (825) [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310]
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