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Your home geocaching map...


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Apologies if this has been done before.


I'm genuinely curious to know what the GC map around your home looks like for different posters. If you have thousands of finds, is it just a sea of smiling faces? Is there one frustrating one you can't get off? For members living in more remote locations do you only have a handful around you and need to travel a lot?


If you're unsure how to share, you just need to press Print Scr on your keyboard, then go to https://snipboard.io and press Ctrl + V to post the screenshot in. You can then crop the image to remove everything but the map by clicking on the square with a cross through it, dragging a box onto your map, then clicking the tick then floppy disk to save,


This is my current one... obviously I have a lot on my target list!


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Yep, done before.   :)


We only have hundreds around us,  but when extending just twenty miles each way, those numbers add up quick.   

They can stay there.  

We only have a couple thousand finds (but caching since '04), and more than half on the map are still unfound caches.

 - Most the other 2/3rds found have long been archived...

Now that I'm the only one caching, I'm a bit more picky, and wouldn't think of looking in some store's parking lot for a smiley.

I now need to leave our "home area" for caches I'll do. 

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Even though this is a common post, I still love to 'update' whats happening around me. Got some more smileys since the last time :)


and a link to my last reply which will take you to the way, way back versions when I replied then. I love how the map has changed over time 



Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 12.20.14 PM copy.jpg



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My home area, after 2 1/2 years of caching.  A few hides, a few unsolved puzzles, some unfound because I helped hubby create and hide them and "finding them" feels off, unless I'm checking on a recent DNF for him or something.  Still lots to the north and west that we can get within an hour or so.  Still lots of caching to do!!



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