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New Triangle Open-Source cache series: Beneath Encom, Book of Mozilla, and matz, where are you?

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I promised JoeyBob and Mariner last February that I would go ahead and setup a unique cache in the Triangle area, and well.. times flown, and I've come in and out of virtual retirement several times since. I've decided to make a couple of open-source themed caches, and here is the first one:




It might possibly be the first cache to require you to download a game (gltron). It's a nice area, and not much of a walk (if you walk more than 0.25mi, you are doing something wrong).. but the hiding places are fun. I originally was not going to put so many hints around, but I upon user testing (roommate who have never geocached before!), decided the hiding spots may be too hard for some folks.


If you are up for a fun challenge, go for it. The second cache of the series, "The Book of Mozilla", will be up by next weekend. It will require you to have Phoenix or Chimera installed on your machine.


After that comes "matz, where are you?", which will require Ruby to be installed on your machine.


P.S. If anyone brings any travel bugs to Beneath Encom (small ones!), I'll try and make sure they get placed in a cache in Sweden next month.

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I was hoping to save my next post for my announcement that the next two caches "The Book of Mozilla" and "matz, where are you?" were open.. but they got rejected due to a "commercial nature" . Here's what came in my e-mail:




Please review these guidelines for geocaches, particularly the section on anything that could be perceived to be of a commercial nature.




If after reading that, you feel that your cache submission should be posted as currently written please e-mail Jeremy using the link on the web site and obtain his permission.


Thank you for your understanding,

erik - geocaching.com admin


I sent this back to him:



As far as rejecting the open-source caches.. you rejected:





but you approved:




All of these caches have one thing in common. They have you download free, non-commercial, open-source projects that dedicated hackers (like myself) have slaved on.. to brand geocaches referencing them as "commercial nature" is very disturbing.


What can I do to make the two rejected geocaches more like the approved one?


Hopefully I don't have to cancel the open source geocache series icon_frown.gif I'll keep you guys updated with the status of the caches.

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