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Mystery Geocoin


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I received a packaged envelope in the mail yesterday and I had no idea who it was from. I opened it and was very much surprised on how well this package was padded it had three envelopes and inside the third envelope was this breathtaking mystery geocoin with my favorite color of teal and I am a person who loves glitter and to my surprise it even came with a traveler tag. The most awesome part of it all is that this generous and so kind of a person who sent me this geocoin knows how many geocoins I once had in my collection and had to sell almost my entire collection because the last 8 years I battled a lot of medical and health problems. At the time it was devastating to have to part with my collection but I had to with no choice. I realized that my health and well being was more important then materialistic things. I never have given up the fight and kept my mind focused that some day I would overcome everything that someday be back to better health. I went from being wheelchair bound for these years and now to being able to just get back to the work force. With the faith I had to keep moving forward I would not be where I am today if it were not for my geocaching friends/family. I have all of you to thanks for giving me the positive support when I felt at my very lowest in life. I now walk with no handicapped aid. Geocaching has saved my life. If it were not for the sport I most likely not be here today, with this said. The mystery geocoin that I received really means a lot to me because I was gifted #01/75 geocoins. Thank you mystery geocoin giver Glaucus Draconis Rurpureus.

Mystery Geocoin  3.jpg

Mystery Geocoin .jpg

Mystery Geocoin 2.jpg

Mystery Geocoin 4.jpg

Mystery Geocoin 5.jpg

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