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‘At risk’ geocache


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This is probably a daft question but I know of a geocache that is in the middle of land about to be built upon.  Permission for 300 new homes.


I have tried to message the owner the owner but I don’t think they are active any more.


What is the next step to ensure it’s survival?

(I’ve grabbed the trackable in it just in case)

Are there local ‘overseers’ that I might be able to message?

blackburn, lancashire

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Unfortunately, you can't "ensure its survival". Contacting the owner is the first step (which you've already done) and you could also pop a needs maintenance log on it advising when building is due to start (and from which date access will be unavailable). Rescuing the TB was a thoughtful gesture. If it's a very special container, you could pop out to rescue the cache itself just before access will be unavailable too... but the listing will probably have to be archived. You can pop an NA up on it once it's out of bounds.

Unless the cache is a rare old one it may be no bad thing. Archiving old caches and placing new ones elsewhere instead keeps the game fresh for everyone, including those who've been playing for a while.

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Similar to mellers,  the object isn't as much about ensuring a cache's survival, but what's "right" for the hobby.

You could have said nothing and ensured it's survival maybe for some time.     :)

Nice you grabbed the trackable.  Did you also email the CO, or just use the message center?  We know many who don't/won't use it.

You could do a Write Note for now, allowing all to see a future issue.  If it's going on now, a NM and why.

You could also ask your Reviewer what they think.  They might do the "I see that..." write-up on the cache page, "fixing" it for all by showing a possibly inactive CO.

If you could pick it up and reuse or dispose when it goes bye-bye, that'd be great. 


Your last line got me thinking my age, and "A day in the life"...    ;)

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