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Good Afternoon Fellow Cachers.  My computer is an ASUS M32 series, running windows 8.  I cannot seem to find a handheld GPS that will sinq with my computer.  In other words, I cannot download caches from my computer to my Magellen eXplorist GC.  At first I thought the problem was the eXplorist and I purchased three other handheld devices to no avail so it must be my computer that is the problem.  Is anyone out there using this same computer and operating system and able to automatically download caches?  Right now I have to manually load the caches that I want to locate for each trip.  Thanks and good hunting.l

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You didn't say what method you're loading caches.  PQs ?  GPX files ?  "Send to GPS" ? 

By "automatically download caches", it sounds a bit like the old "send to GPS". 


If so, send to GPS was canned when browsers wouldn't accept plug ins anymore, due to security issues.

That's not a problem with your computer or handhelds.

A newer, two-year old version, "send to Garmin"  is similar,  but only works for modern Garmin handhelds.  See here.

IIRC, only Garmin worked with the site for a fix. 

I don't see any issue with loading caches manually, been caching that way since starting.   :)

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The download button on the cache page downloads the gpx-file automatically, but the destination may be impractical. Default destination is the download folder in your computer.

If your GPS device looks like a folder in your computer, you can to set this folder as your download folder to download files automatically to the GPS.

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Which other devices did you try?


The problem is your GPSr. Magellan no longer makes or supports handheld devices. So when things change on geocaching.com, there is no corresponding update for Magellan software.


Your best bet is to buy a Garmin.


I went through this myself, although I have a self built computer(ASUS motherboard and windows 10). I have an old Magellan Triton 400 and the unit itself works fine. I used to be able to download caches right to my device but that stopped. Also with Vantage Point I used to download Pocket Queries right to Vantage Point. Since web browsers stopped allowing plugins, all that stopped working. So I figured it was time to upgrade my GPSr. I was lucky to get a good deal on a Garmin eTrex30x from Costco a few weeks ago. Now I can download caches right to the unit again.

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