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Seeking TravelBug Assistance


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Hi guys,


On behalf of the St. Louis Geocacher Assoc., I am seeking your help in finding the wayward SLAGA Travel bug. It was last seen at the NTGS Meeting. ( http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=52141 ) back in Feb. Since it’s mission is to attend as many Geo-events as possible, if anyone locates it, could ‘ya give it the boot and send it on it’s way?


Thanks a million,


your friendly neighborhood admin.


**Glenn, St. Louis, Mo


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Sounds like an idea but, its still listed in the Feb Geogathering. Where is it actually right now...


I'm heading to a Geogathering this weekend in Nashville, TN. I'll bring it with me if I can get my hands on it.


Also we got two gatherings comming up in Memphis and one we are planning one going to in Jackson, MS.

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I feel bad about you bug~when you'll contacted me about the wayward travel bug that was still showing up on my cache page. I got on the NTGA's posting board that we use to talk to each other and posted a message to contact the owner of the bug.I'm glad it turned up.


"Fun is Fun, Done is Done"-Stephen King

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