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Size "Not chosen" handled inconsistently

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Some older caches were published without a size - these are listed by Groundspeak as having size "Not chosen".
I have noticed that some of these "Not chosen" caches are correctly stored in my GSAK database with size "Not chosen", whereas others have size "Unknown".  The reason for this has been narrowed down to an inconsistency in the way in which the Groundspeak API exports the data.  (I raised this on the GSAK forum (here), but it's not really a GSAK issue.)


For example: GC3GKQ2, GC3W76R and GC1JXYG are all correctly given the "Not chosen" size in GSAK.
But GC48R49, GC3CC29 and GC2YYE1 are all held as "Unknown", which differs from their Groundspeak size.

When exporting a .gpx from the cache's web page, they all correctly have a "Not chosen" size.  But the API doesn't always do this - only some of them are "Not chosen".  I'm not quite sure how the size is handled in the others (blank or an invalid value, I guess) but it isn't recognised by GSAK, and so they are stored there as "Unknown".


Can anyone explain why the API exports some (but not all) of the "Not chosen" caches incorrectly?  Is this a bug or deliberate?



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This is an annoying issue as the stats generated by Groundspeak through the "My Finds" pocket query are NOT the same as the stats generated through GSAK after refreshing the database using the API. Properties of a cache should not be different based on the way the info is downloaded. I would suggest that this is a bug.

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On ‎11‎/‎3‎/‎2019 at 7:27 AM, antoonvdr said:

I would suggest that this is a bug.


It's most definitely a bug. I just did a test by loading my My Finds PQ into GSAK, where the "Not Chosen" caches correctly showed that size. When I refreshed those caches via API, they now all show as "Unknown". I checked the results returned by the API and that's the "size" that it returns. It seems like someone at HQ mistakenly labelled "Not Chosen" caches as "Unknown" when they were building the new API. It should be a simple matter to fix this mistake.


Then there's the issue where various new-style lists on the website conflate Not Chosen with Other under a pseudo-Other size, but that's another matter...

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