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Garmin eTrex 20x - downloaded lists


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So I took the plunge and purchased an eTrex 20x. Tested it today on a local urban cache and it worked well.

I've downloaded a number of caches ready for a weekend caching trip.

On geocaching.com my lists are in three separate folders (Days 1-3, 40 per day), but on the device they appear as just one single list of 120.

Is there a way of splitting them into the three folders?


Also, can you view all caches from a list on map at the same time, like as a route, rather than individually?


Many thanks

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Scroll around this page, for map screens that show more than one cache at a time: https://www.gpsrchive.com/eTrex/eTrex x0x/index.htm

In those examples, there are green squares for unfound caches and smilies for found (may depend on icons loaded).  Remember while navigating to a selected cache, you see that cache icon only.


I load offline Lists on my phone App, the same lists I send to my GPS.  Then If I want just caches in a certain List, I got that.  It's all one list on my GPS.



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