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Oregon 700 ANT+ Total Failure

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So I just purchased a brand new mountain bike this week, as well as a brand new Oregon 700 + Speed Sensor 2 and Cadence Sensor 2 for it.

Have the SPD2/CAD2 sensors installed, with brand new batteries (yes the green leds blink), and after about 5 attempts, my android with Garmin Connect finally completed pairing with the SPD2 without errors. It shows 100% battery and current software in the SPD2 sensor.
Connect both to my GPSMAP 66 via ANT+ and can view Speed and Cadence properly in the Trip Computer Data Fields.
Trying to connect the SPD2/CAD2 with my Oregon 700 is fruitless.... The 700 never sees them. My Oregon 700 also never sees a TEMP sensor that all the other GPSr see. (brand new Energizer CR2032 in that also). Even after master rest of Oregon 700, no change. NO ANT+ Sensors can be found!
So, I try a GPSMAP 64csx, eTrex Touch 35t, and an eTrex 32x. Well, the little eTrex is not even allowed to see speed sensors, period, only cadence, and it never finds it.
The Touch 35t sees the CAD2, but never the SPD2.
The 64csx sees the SPD2 but never the CAD2!
All GPSr are running most current firmware versions....
Not to mention, Garmin has literally no mounting options to place my Oregon 700 neatly on my MTN Bike - looks like (after reading many forums) I will have to resort to buying three different products and modifying them all to work together so I can mount my Oregon 700 neatly on my MTN bike (not using the spine mount (Garmins only offering) because, as every review states, the thing is held with unsightly zip ties and always rotates around on the handle bars so your GPSr is never stationary).
No, I don't want an edge - it cant do half the things I want to do on my mountain bike. The Oregon 7x0 series does everything I need. Well, if it worked properly. If any of the GPSr worked properly.
The only device I have now that sees all the sensors is the GPSMAP 66....
I was really looking forward to getting my new bike set up with all new sensors and GPSr, speed, cadence, temperature, heart rate....
But now, thanks to the absolute failure to function as advertised for every Garmin product I purchased for the bike, I find my enthusiasm waning....
Seriously... some days I think Garmin hates me.....

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