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Need Help in Tenn!!! Seeker BP 2

Seeker BP
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Hello Fellow Geocachers!! Looking for someone to set my traveling cache loose so he can see a new place. Right now it is located in a nice spot in NorthEast Tennesee. Sure would like to move it on. It has visitors, but no one wants to move it!! Please, if you wanna help, find a new place to put it and log it in for me please. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kinda hoping to get him to Colorado Springs to a park named Palmer Park. It is called Seeker BP 2 Right now. Feel free to name it what ever you would like, but ad Seeker BP to the title so I can track it. Thank You


[This message was edited by seeker bp (Team E-Trex) on September 17, 2002 at 12:27 PM.]

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