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GPSmap 66 altimeter auto-calibrate


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Unlike my previous GPSmap receivers (60 and 62, I skipped the 64), which only had an "on"/"off" setting for altimeter auto-calibrate, the 66S offers TWO options (in addition to "off"), "once" and "continuous". The manual makes no mention of this, it describes the auto-calibrate option like this:


Auto Calibration: Automatically calibrates the altimeter each time the device is turned on.


Actually this doesn't even seem to be correct  for the "once" option - it seems to me that it is activated when you terminate/start an activity, NOT when you turn on the unit (it sticks to the old altimeter setting until you close the activity). This is what I think I am observing - others please confirm or refute ?


How the "continuous" mode works is a complete mystery to me, any information would be much appreciated!

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