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PEI Best geocache


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Hello Group,


I'm going to PEI next week and we want to find some nicest cache in that province ...


Give me your favorites caches...near the beach...to find with 3 kids ...


Too much caches on map and not enough time to analyze them to find best one ...



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1 hour ago, thebruce0 said:


I'd agree that the first three are really good caches, although Charlottetown Memories is quite a way from the city centre (iirc). The first two are lovely beach caches in a great location, but you do need to go at low tide and if the kids are small then they may not be that suitable - the wade around the headland is short but knee deep when we were there.


The caches around https://coord.info/GC605ZF might also be worth a look - decent beach area and not too far from the Teapot - we did both the same morning. There are so many beach area on the island that you might be better off deciding on the type of beach you want and then looking for caches around them - it depends on how far you want to drive and where you're based (for example, on the eastern end of the island https://coord.info/GLF5H55F is OK and is a nice area.


If the kids are younger and you're in Charlottetown then you might want to look at the archived https://coord.info/GC2K9E3 which is fab for little kids - you can just do the mouse hunt section and have an ice cream at Cows in the centre and they'll be happy enough I should think. There are other multis in the city centre which follow a similar route - https://coord.info/GC5Z6Z9 is decent enough (again, a little way out of the city centre).

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