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Historical Caches

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Someone in Michigan created a Geocaching Trivia Wherigo.  The first question is a stumper.  It asks, "What is the name of Michigan's first Geocache?"  I know how to find the currently active, oldest cache in the state, but how do I find the oldest ever in a state?  Since the cache is most likely archived now, it's not readily searchable.  Thanks for any ideas here.

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Geocaching HQ owns a bookmark of the first 100 caches, it includes archived.



 The oldest cache on that list in Michigan is GC33, Hilltop, placed May 27, 2000.


Aside, had I not known about that list, I'd have started looking at the finds of the owners of some of the current oldest, and would have gotten to it that way too.

Geocache 612   belongs currently to ABXGuy - among his finds is GC33. The oldest cache he has found.

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Good info from Isonzo Karst.  :)

 I was going to say similar, then realized I'd be breaking the forums TOU by adding a hint to a cache without the owners permission...

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