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New cache notifications?

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I remmeber years, and I mean YEARS ago I set up to receive notifications for new caches. Unfortunately, we have moved and all the notifications are not in our current area. If I change my home locations, will this automatically update this notification? Or is there somewhere else I need to go?

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Updating your account's home coordinates does NOT change the settings for any instant notifications.  You need to go in and edit each notification manually on this page.


There's a good reason for this.  If I've set up notifications for my vacation home*, or my business address, or my parents' house, or a mega-event in another region that I'll be attending, I wouldn't want all those settings to change if I adjusted my home coordinates.


* I do not have a vacation home.  Even though I've asked Geocaching HQ for a raise every year, they've chosen to concentrate on other things.

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