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Translation of Geocache to English

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The best I can recommend is copy-pasting the description into Google Translate. Alternatively, copy-paste the geocache URL into google translate, and it'll translate the whole cache page (note that this only works for basic-member-accessible caches).

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10 hours ago, HondaGirl2006 said:


I am wondering if there is a way to translate a Geocache into English?

I am going to travel to Europe and need to know how to translate the geocaching pages.




Having geocached in 16 countries in Europe, and as an English speaker, I haven't found that having some cache listings only written in some language other than English is really a problem.  There are plenty of caches that *are* in English, or can be found without reading the cache description,  or a google translate of the cache page is sufficient to find the ache, and I have never felt that I've needed to "find them all".  

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Google translate gets you understanding the basics for all caches (it doesn't always recognize slang). 

I'd do the research of puzzles and similar caches ahead of time at home.  Most here don't read simpler 1.5 and under hides. 

 - Coordinates don't need to be translated...    :)

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Depends on your platform and caching app.  You haven't specified.


On mine (Android, Locus Map, Google Translate installed), I can translate both listings and logs via a Translate menu item.  PS, for places mapped bilingually in OSM (Hong Kong is a great example), Locus also rocks for showing maps in your choice of language (showing "Kowloon" rather than "九龍").


I don't think Groundspeak's offerings have any translation option built-in...



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