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What is Benchmarking?

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Do you have photos that show all the lettering & numbers on the survey points that you have been finding?  If so, post them, and you can likely get near instantaneous information from one of the experts here.


In the meantime, maybe skim through some of the pinned subjects above to find out  what, and why, they are scattered across the land.  Be advised that not all benchmarks are part of the geocaching game.  kayakbird


PS:  An accurate Lat/Long is also nice to provide when requesting help.

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request Lat/Long, insert 'nice'
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On ‎7‎/‎1‎/‎2019 at 4:05 PM, rcccraft said:


About Benchmarking, what is it? I've seen these disks in the ground that say "National Survey" or something. Can Anyone tell me what it is?


Okay, I'll bite...   Curious what you're asking.   if it's just a detailed explanation, alain4s supplied a link.

You've found 8 last year, and marked a couple "destroyed" .

The one you placed a write note on , I'd be interesting to hear about,  thanks...    :)


Looks like (to me...) a benchmark was removed from a demolished building (here)  should have been marked destroyed in 4/10.

It's held by someone and brought to events,  using it to act sort of like a trackable to be Discovered,  but the only log available for people who log it is  "Found" - as a Traveling Benchmark.  

Surprised that I recognized a couple forum regulars names as "found".

Team Sagefox correctly marked it destroyed on 5/17. 




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I logged the traveling disk as destroyed again, but that won't keep people from logging found the next time the guy takes it to an event.  Most people would rather log something than understand what it was for.

I didn't recognize any regulars from this forum among the incorrect logs.

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The one that is buried should NOT be marked destroyed just because it is difficult to access.  If it can be exposed with effort and used by a surveyor to obtain an elevation, as the prior logs indicate, it is still a good bench mark.

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