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Adventure lab caches - locations

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I know the guidelines state it is preferred if the 'tour ' is done within walking distance - but how strict is this ? - I have been awarded one of these, I have an idea for a theme but in order for it to work properly I will require visiting 3 towns - between the two furthest is only 8 miles (driving) - in each town there will be some walking required and then onto the next.

If this will be rejected due to this then basically my idea for the theme will be lost as it'll be just a case of walking round one town trying to find locations not relevant to the different aspects of the theme - even though that can be done as the content will be shown on the lab cartridge - I prefer the idea of being in a location that is also relevant - only possible if I have three towns visited.

My main question is in bold above - seeking an answer to the feasibility of the adventure taking you to three different towns 



Thanks in advance


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They don't enforce that rule there are lab cache in the same adventure that cover the whole province of Nova Scotia and another one there are 100km(60miles) between stages. It the same for New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.


So 8 miles you won't have any issues.

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