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Calling All Bloggers and/or Readers of Blogs

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Hello my fellow geocachers and geocaching bloggers,

This post is somewhat two-fold.  First, I've rekindled my own blogging efforts as I believe this medium is starting to make a bit of a comeback and second, I'd like to link to other geocaching blogs in an effort to help us all promote our writings and our efforts.  Believe it or not, despite the vastness of YouTube, it was a geocaching blog that first introduced me to this wonderful hobby back in 2009.  I've enjoyed reading geocaching blogs over the years, but sadly many of the great ones have faded away.  

My "Jerry's Geocaching Adventures, Geocaching Adventures in Colorado and Beyond" can be found here  http://jerrygtaylor.com/geocache/     Please bookmark and/or subscribe via your reader app. 

As I'm about to embark on a three week European Vacation, I'd like to also load up my Feedly app with everyone's geocaching blog feeds so I have plenty to read while we're traveling and in the evenings.  I'll also post your blog links on my site in the Geocaching Blogs section.  Who knows I may already have some of you already linked.  

Thanks for your time and happy hunting....


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I have a blog, Southern Rockies Nature Blog, and occasionally I mention geocaching, but that is not its focus.


That said, I like what you are doing, and I will bookmark your blog, especially since we are both in Colorado.


I see hints and indications that blogging as such is making a comeback as people get tired of the authoritarian "walled garden" environments of Facebook, etc., where some innocuous thing might suddenly be censored as "violating community standards."


Good luck!

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Thanks and nice to meet a fellow "Colorado Cacher".  I get down to your neck of the woods a few times a year.  Unfortunately it's generally when I driving through to visit family in Texas so it's either really early in the morning or really late at night.  But I've found a few southern Colorado caches.  Certainly need to do more when time permits.  

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