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Premium Subscription purchased through iTunes not reflecting on app or geocaching.com

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Hey all, 


I purchased a premium membership via iTunes this April and everything was fine, I know that on the app I had premium membership. My phone bit the dust this weekend, so I got a new one,  logged into iTunes and downloaded the geocaching app. However when I logged in app said I need to upgrade to premium membership, but iTunes says I have an active premium membership (yearly). Also when I log in on geocaching.com, I’m listed as a basic member there too.


Was I never a premium member since I purchased through iTunes as opposed to purchasing on geocaching.com?


Is this just a bug associated with the app/iTunes? And if so, how can I get my premium membership back (already signed out and back into both iTunes and geocaching app)?  Any troubleshooting tricks for this one?




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nicolatte, you should write in to customer support (https://www.geocaching.com/help) for assistance on this. I show your account as basic with a monthly subscription that expired last August. It sounds like you purchased the annual subscription on another account, and support should be able to sort all of this out for you.

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