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The biggest jewel heist in history!

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On 8/6/2019 at 9:43 AM, cerberus1 said:


Maybe the difference is some of us don't think of this as a sport of "finding caches", but a hobby exploring unique areas through others.  

I remember when "the language of location" meant just that.   I'm amazed that some around much earlier somehow forgot... 


Yes, perhaps the 35 caches annoyed me, because I don't cache that way. I find the string of caches, every .1 mile,  along a trail or road really annoying and I have an aversion to constant micros. I am not judging this type of cache as wrong for everyone. It is just not my bag-like fingers on a chalkboard to me. So, when I read, "35 more caches", it seemed really, super tedious per the way I like to cache (lazy day, exploring, hit a few caches). Racking up numbers is just an annoying way to cache for me, personally. I can see this aspect of the game can be exciting or challenging for other cachers and not judging.


As I said, I really liked the creativity and use of imagination in most sections of the promotion. The 35 caches, honestly-it totally burnt me out for awhile. I have been working on designing some new caches, which has helped my burn out. : )


In retrospect, I guess I am saying my personal preference would have been another challenge similar to the jewels---like, find 4 combination locks or what-have-you. Keep with the theme. I did like the final clue thingy for the combo. 


And, someday, I will get over the trauma of the "35 cache surprise" and continue to live my life  (hee hee hee :P:rolleyes:)

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After this promotion I'm guessing that finds on my caches are going to be few and far between until maybe summer (Dec/Jan) when we may get a  few holiday makers coming through or staying in the area. Locals may be burned out.

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Thinking about this, it's good if these promotions are only once a year, especially if they're about numbers - that gives the rest of the year as time for local geocachers to 'repopulate' the local scene with new/unfound caches for everyone to find.  Interestingly, it encourages people to get out caching... in another sense, it could encourage people who tend to cache so much they cache out their local areas to not cache so much if they care about also being able to get souvenirs that are incidentally about numbers.

That is to say, for a better chance at earning some of these 'high count' souvenirs, one could recommend that people don't cache-out their home areas (or, region within reasonable travel distance), in prep for being able to earn those souvenirs.


Or in other words, they could be encouraging a more well-rounded, or less intense/extreme geocache-finding lifestyle.

Maybe that's the goal of these promotions? :laughing:

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