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What is your best travelled TB that is still travelling?

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What is your best travelled TB that is still travelling? Distance, number of countries, etc



Mine is one that travels with me. It has travelled 196338 km.


However, the one that I have released into the wild and is still travelling has done 129429 km. Looking at its map, it has visited Australia, NZ, UK, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, UK, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, USA, Slovenia, UAE, Hong Kong, and is now in Japan.

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2 hours ago, Goldenwattle said:

It has some photographs of where it has travelled too, which I always enjoy looking at. Not many, but very nice ones.


Yeah, someone in Japan posted a few outstanding scenery shots!  I need to up my game on photos I post on peoples TB pages, to compete with that.  :P

I was also thrilled to see mission-specific photos.  But the main mission is to see "The Sahara Desert", which this TB has never approached.





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 dd's Red Flanders Poppy has traveled 47814 miles,  76949 km. since release in April 2008.  The first cacher to pick it up after I dropped it took it from Arizona to France, and it has been bouncing around Europe most of the time since then.   It made a fly-by visit to Quebec CA in February of 2015,  then back to Europe.  It also made quick visits in the Azores, Canary Islands, and Malta .  Last "proof of life" photo was in 2014.  With 2504 records,  the map is a little too cluttered for me to see clearly which countries it has visited, but it has spent a significant amount of time visiting caches in Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, and the UK.  Second place,  released two days later,  is at 44000 miles, 70811 km.


Sick to death of the endless "took it to" logs...

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Mine is Peter Pan-da which is also a personal TB that travels with me. He's been on a few excursions with geomates too! So far, he's notched up 255,110 km (158,518 mi). He began his journey in Beijing, China where he was purchased back in 2014 and has travelled through the UK,  Europe, Scandinavia, St Petersburg in Russia and Japan. His most recent overseas trip was to Norfolk Island in the Pacific Ocean. Next year, he's looking forward to visiting South America and the east coast USA.


Another of my TBs is Tickets Please. This one was released in 2011. So far, it's travelled 199,678 km (124,074 mi) and is still going strong. It's currently in the hands of gugl with the last log in Budapest, Hungary. Interestingly, this TB actually made it back to Australia (which was one of its goals) and was placed in a cache not far from my home. I made a beeline to grab it before someone else did. It's now travelling again having a great time.

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1 hour ago, kd0bik said:

All of mine have also gone missing.  I think I'll do what other have done and just one with me.  I'm traveling to Europe in a few weeks.  But I've released about 6 in the wild and they all end up just vanishing into thin air.  

My personal Geocoin has travelled 50,510 miles.  I did have one that travelled 53981 miles but has not moved since 2015.  I do have two that moved this year.

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My 8120.gif Corky the Frog Travel Tag has gone over 35,000 miles, Austrailia, New Zealand, a few states, and just recently returned to California and is back in my neck of the woods!


I just got notified today that one of my other wine corks has been very busy traveling in Texas and getting it's photo taken with many, many wine bottles - the cacher that's carrying it now seems to like the mission to visit wineries!! Wine Cork Travel Bug #5 with only 2882 miles but LOTS of photos!


Others seem to have disappeared or have sat with the same cacher for awhile.  I'm happy to see even a few photos that keep the mission!

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