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Viewing Caches

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Lets ask this question in a different way.  is there away that i can be driving down the road and see that there is a cache nearby on my ford sync 3 Navigation system (not preselected). in another words view an entire area of caches like you do in the geocache app.  NOT Just one at a time

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If there's a way to synch your phone display to your car navigation, sure, just use the geocaching app of your choice.


It appears that there are a few options out there to do this.  I've not tried and can't offer any practical advice.

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OK i have asked this question many ways but have been getting answers to other questions


I have an IPhone 7. My truck is a 2019 Ford Ranger with sync3 radio is there a way that i can view Traditional cachews on my Nav screen of the truck as i am driving down the road NOT navigating


I am not navigating to the cache just driving In short I wish to see what my Groundspeak active Map that is on my IPhone on my Truck navigation screen

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I think it is now time to do some personal research and experimenting.  Persistence pays many rewards.  Good luck.


Please let us know if you find a solution, as others may benefit from your experience.

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I merged together two threads on the same subject, posted by the same geocacher.  Please do not post duplicate threads.  Thanks!

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Posted (edited)
On ‎5‎/‎28‎/‎2019 at 6:02 PM, Outforawalk said:

Lets ask this question in a different way.


It's tough on Forum respondents when the answer isn't a resounding "yes" so you start a new thread.  It's better as a dialog. 


In fact, your intention of loading a bunch of "Geocaches" into a car nav may not be practical.  Nevermind that once you find a cache, you probably don't need to be notified where it is forevermore. Nevermind that the car is not going to drive to the Geocache, but merely to the closest point on a street and then... yeah, then it gets complicated. Nor that you can't have all desirable Geocaches pre-loaded anyway.  Nor that it's a bad idea to watch map icons while you drive.

The big issue is actually performing the hunt for a Geocache after you see it on a car screen.  That's why I suggested in other identical threads that you should consider a car mount for a GPS or phone.  Use the Geocaching feature on the device, and when close enough to park, grab the device and go.  Same device, App, and interface.  You can use the built-in separate car nav to get to a suitable parking lot, to a park that is factory-loaded in the car, for example.  But the car would not be the prime Geocaching device.


In an unfamiliar area, I use my car nav for street routing, with the mounted phone or handheld GPS showing crow-flies compass information.  The car is fine as is.


I once made 500 caches into "POIs", loaded them onto my Garmin Streetpilot with proximity alerts, and I was good to go.  What a cool idea!  And from that point on, "ALERT!  NEARBY CACHE!" kind of things popped up as I passed, all along the road, all the time.  For caches I've found, too.  I will never do anything like that again.  It was a really bad idea.  I would certainly never do that for my factory car navigation system.  You can install them fine, but you also need to selectively remove them, plus coordinates and entire caches change.  It's not a once and done kind of load.  It requires a carefully designed plan, and extra work, on a schedule.  Plus you need to keep your App or handheld GPS loaded with the exact same cache info.


If you're excited to install POIs into your factory car nav, you have lots of reading and plenty of trial-and-error ahead.  AND next year, Ford could change it all, just like stuff you find online that previously worked doesn't apply today.  Good luck!  :)










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