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Mid TN Girl Scout Leader Seeking Suggestions

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I am a leader of Girl Scout Juniors in Middle Tennessee. Are there any Troops who have done the badge requirements yet? Do I have to be premium to complete all 5 requirements? How do we find a travel bug? Here are the requirements. Any advise would be great. I have only been doing this a short while and would like to get a bit of practice in with my daughter before the Troop sets out on an adventure. Thanks.



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21 hours ago, MidTNGirlscout said:

Do I have to be premium to complete all 5 requirements?

Reading through the requirements, you do not need to be a Premium member to fulfill them.  It might be helpful as there would be more options available for you (you'll see premium only caches when logged in on a computer, and have a few more options on the app when out in the field, such as higher difficulty/terrain and more cache types visible) but you can do all the requirements with a basic account.


22 hours ago, MidTNGirlscout said:

How do we find a travel bug?

Look for larger cache sizes (Regular) and look at the cache description page to see if there are some listed in the inventory (right hand side of the cache page on a computer, or under "trackables" in the app).  There are caches called Travel Bug "hotels" that are designed for dropping off and retrieving travel bugs too - you might try searching the caches locally to see if there are any caches with "hotel" in the cache name.

One option in the requirements was to release one of your own - you can buy them on the geocaching website for $5-10, sometimes less on sale.  Be sure to read the guidelines and log everything properly when you do pick up or release a travel bug.  They are a fun part of the game (for me, anyway) but can be frustrating when they go missing or are not logged the right way.


If there is a local group near you, do as one of the requirements suggested and go to an event; get to know some local geocachers who can mentor you and your scouts.  Generally, we are a friendly bunch and are happy to introduce people to the hobby.  Look on Facebook for a group, or look at the calendar on geocaching.com for events near you.  (You'll need to set your home location in your profile so local events will show up on your calendar.)


Have fun with this!

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Check the Geocaching and Education section of the forums -- scroll down -- for ideasfor scout and school groups. 

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