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BUGS - Mapping of bookmark lists

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There are bugs in the presentation of the "map" this bookmark list.


I have a simple bookmark list -- it contains only 11 caches.

I use the "map" option on the bookmark list page.

The new "map" lists only 10 of the 11 maps. (I do this multiple times with the same results).

I then try to figure out *which* cache is missing.

*BUG #1* - when your bookmark lists are mapped -- you *cannot* change the sort order in the cache listing on the left. It's grayed out. 

  If I refresh the *search* on this map -- I can then *sort* my listed caches

*BUG #2* - Unless I missed it -- I can't sort a list alphabetically (or reverse alphabetically) -- this makes it difficult to *compare* lists or to quickly locate a cache

  in a list when you know what the number is -- or quickly find the caches that all start with X or Q or Z

*BUG #3* - Back to my 10 out of 11 of my caches in my bookmark list being displayed. I found that the missing cache was one that I had a *draft* log for. These

  caches should be showing up with their "!" mark on the map.  

  Why is this important?

#1 -- After a trip, I want to be sure that I logged or drafted *all* the caches on that list.

#2 - Since there is still a silly limitation of only 100 bookmark lists -- I often need to "merge" bookmark lists. If I'm only getting 10/11 in this simple case then

        I don't know how many caches I've already lost due to not all the caches being mapped so that they can be added to another list.


Hope there are enough details here for you to provide quick fixes.

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