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Found date incorrect in GPX file

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Can someone please explain this for me?

We found this cache on 5th May 2017 as shown on the cache page but the GPX files (both in the cache-page download and the My Finds file) say 6th of May 2017

I have no idea if this has occurred with other logs - I'd be surprised if this was the only one - but I noticed this one as it broke a run of consecutive days finds.

The date in the GPX download certainly used to be correct as we had a 368 day run showing in FindStatGen




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The Groundspeak time/date is in UTC or basically GMT.

So depending on which app was used to log the cache you could end up on a different date.

Here in PST anything logged after 5 pm (depending on the time of the year) via the APP used to (and I believe still does) show

being logged the next day. 

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