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How do I download a list for use offline using iphone 8?

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I have an iphone 8 and am going to a geobash in Allegheny State park tomorrow.  Many people are telling me there is no cell service and I have to download my lists to use offline.  How do I do that?  I also want to know what the offline lists are capable of - can I log a find?  How do I keep track of what I've found, etc.?


I've never been to a large geo-event before so I'm struggling a little with the basics.

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Once you create a list, it's available in "Lists" in the App.  Here's a link about downloading for offline use:



To log a cache while offline, you start by saving a "Draft":


Once online, you may view, edit and "Post" your drafts either with the web site or the phone.


If the phone seems to have trouble staying online where you're going (and once you've saved what you need offline), try setting the phone to Airplane Mode until you return to a spot with a decent connection.  It helps the Apps calm down a little.  :)


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You can also do this from the App (while you have a signal).


Make sure you check the ‘offline’ option.




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