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GEOcachers of Central KY (GEOCKY) ... Brainstorm

The Li'l Bears

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First of all that acronym is pronounced Jockey as it ties in so well with the Bluegrass region. (Thanks Team Tired Feet for that one).


I'm starting this thread because we are working on starting a Central KY Geocaching club in e-mails that are getting hard to follow. This way we can pull all those ideas together and brainstorm a li'l more...


We would also love to get comments and suggestions from people and/or groups outside CKY who have already gone through this process in their areas.


So far we've talked about putting up a simple web site to get things started with the possibility of it growing into something bigger and fancier (like what Michigan has). We've discussed what should be on that site like: active cachers in this area, pictures, contact info, a must do cache list, etc.. We've also talked about putting forth a blanket proposal from the group to the Parks and Rec. people here in towm to come up with a general geocaching agreement to help promote both geocaching and proper use of the parks. Hopefully this could simplify the permission process for caches or maybe even make it a blanket permission as long as we follow some common sense guidelines.


Finally, we've talked about sitting down over coffee (and maybe Tiramisu) at JoeBeth Cafe to hash some of this out in person. Everone up for another event cache? I think someone suggested JoeBeth Cafe, 2pm Saturday 1/4/03? If there's agreement one of us could post the cache. I'll do it unless someone else WANTS to.


This is (as Joe would say) Soooooooooo Coooool to see caching here taking off so well. So what say you Jen, Patrick, Nate, TTF ( icon_razz.gif like the new shorter name), Wendy, Calvin, and anyone else that;s interested...?


Greg: AKA Poppy Bear from

~ The Li'l Bears icon_rolleyes.gificon_rolleyes.gif from Lexington, KY

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**Wow ... I spend one day off my computer and look what I miss.**


I don't know. It all happened so fast... like the train at Waveland that blew right past me the other day. icon_smile.gif


You go ahead and post the event cache. I just put up 3 virtuals, and am working on the page for the luncheon cache. Too many coords. for one tired foot.


We'll be there with our thinking caps on!



Team Tired Feet

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to make it. I'd sure like to be there. I'll have to check with Tracker 'T'. As soon as I find out, I'll let you all know. I think a group organization would be a great thing. I'll do all I can to make it fly.






War doesn't determine who's right. War determines who's left

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I think the idea of a web site for the group is really cool. As mentioned in my various emails, I would be willing to volunteer some time as Webmaster to get it started. If it really takes off, then I will need some help, but I could at least set up a basic site and get it going to try it out.


I have a 1GB Webspace right now that I am renting, so I could even volunteer a few MB of space for a starting page. I pay for bandwidth, so it can't get extreme, but I don't mind absorbing a little to get it started.


The only thing we need is a domain. For the short term, we could use an offshoot of mine, or for about $15 a year, we could buy a domain and redirect it to the space on my site for now, then redirect it to wherever the site ends up in the future. I would even be willing to pony up for the domain if everyone is agreed that this is something we are serious about.


If 3-4 people reply to this (or email me) that they are serious about it as a long-term thing, then I will buy the domain tonight or Thursday and (hopefully) have it set up by Saturday, pointing to a placeholder on my webspace for now.


Maintaining the site, with domain, will probably cost about $60 a year if we get an independent web space and this really takes off.


Is the 40's too cold for everyone this weekend? If not, we could hold our inaugural meeting at one of the pavilions at Veterans Park or somewhere (more in keeping with GeoCaching, after all).


Alternatively, I have a big enough living room to accommodate, say, a meeting of about 10-15 people. We could brew a couple of pots of coffee, if someone else can bring some snacks, and my computer will be right there for some basic design ideas and possibly to publish the early version of the page right there and then. Parking would be the only issue at my complex (we have guest parking for about 3 cars outside the gate and a few cars inside).


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Such hospitable Yankees the Hoys are icon_biggrin.gif! Nate, your place would be fine with me, so would Joe Beth. I do think INDOORS would be the best for encouraging sitting and talking. Cold is fine for crawling up and down hills looking for sticks, but it gets cold just sitting. Having kids I'd guess your place might be easier for you all (even though you would be hosting). We have parties here for all major events now because even the work of throwing a party is easier than getting the whole bear clan out to someplace else.


Let's hear from Jen and Paddy too about whether the date/time is good. Then if all agree, why don't you post the event cache and use the best parking spot for the coords. Course it would be funny to just post the coords outside your front door and not tell any of us your address so you can watch us all wandering around outside your windows with our GPSrs. Then again, that may get you evicted (LOL icon_biggrin.gif). Whatever we do, we need to get it up SOON.


If 3-4 people reply to this (or email me) that they are serious about it as a long-term thing, then I will buy the domain tonight or Thursday and (hopefully) have it set up by Saturday, pointing to a placeholder on my webspace for now.


As for the Domian name, I think it IS a good idea and the direction we should go. I really like Team Tired Feet's acronym so maybe something like www.geocky.com (or org, or whatever).


All sounds good folks,

Poppy Bear


~ The Li'l Bears icon_rolleyes.gificon_rolleyes.gif from Lexington, KY

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Just let me know when and where. I have a feeling Adventure Dog will also have to sit this one out. She is going to be bummed.


As for the website, go for it. I am sure Poppy Bear can swing the bill once his ammo can painting business takes off.


TTF, do you still have the Logo artwork?


I wish everyone a Safe and Happy New Year filled with many caches that do not require math.



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Where is Joe Beth Cafe? Maybe that would be best - we have parking for 3-4 cars at best at our apartment.


Maybe if we can agree on a couple of designs, I can get a prototype published over the weekend.


I am free tomorrow, if anyone wants to meet then, instead.

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I'll put up an event page now! Stay tuned to see when it gets approved. One other thought is that the UK BBall game is at 4:00 that day. I suppose we COULD pick a spot that'll have the game so that after meeting we could stick around and watch the game. Course we could just go somewhere else to watch the game and if it's on regular TV I should watch it at home anyway. Just a scrambled thought to throw out.

I still like the Cafe best.


Poppy Bear of


~ The Li'l Bears icon_rolleyes.gificon_rolleyes.gif from Lexington, KY

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I bought the URL today. icon_biggrin.gif


I have put a simple "under construction" filler on it for now, hanging off my personal domain (www.nmhoy.net), but it will take about 24-36 hours for the domain to be registered throughout the Internet. Some of you may see it a lot earlier, but chances are it will take until late tomorrow for it to appear everywhere (if that - New Years may have an effect).


I wanted the domain to be on-line by the time we had the first design meeting.




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Tracker 'T' and I will be there. Maybe. Hopefully. Possibly. Just kidding.


We will be there unless and absolute emergency comes up. Also, I have placed the 1st cache in the Jackson area. I'm going to try and place 3 or 4 more as soon as I can. I want to have enough that it is worth the trip down. I am trying to make them as interesting as I can. See everyone Saturday.




War doesn't determine who's right. War determines who's left


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sounds cool gang!


i've got no problem with joseph beth and will be there around 2pm - i would warn people that traffic on that side of town, for those that aren't familiar with it, can get INSANE! so plan accordingly.


looking forward to seeing everyone again =)



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With the X-mas rush over traffic is returning to normal. It shouldn't be ANYTHING like trying to get out of Bella Notte last time.


Calvin & Tammy: glad you guys can make it!


Nate: Nice work. Let's come up with a simple dues or something to spread the initial costs out. Maybe $5-10/ team to get everything going and leave a li'l extra ...?


TTF: Still impressed with the name icon_smile.gif!


PY: Let's go cachin'


WDP: (in particular Jen): wanna go 2?


WC: see ya soon ... R the bugs on their way back from FL?


Have a wonderful New Year's Everyone! Sleep it all off while we're out cachin tomorrow icon_rolleyes.gificon_rolleyes.gif ....



Poppy Bear


~ The Li'l Bears icon_rolleyes.gificon_rolleyes.gif from Lexington, KY

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you talkin bout caching tomorrow? cause i am - drop me a line at any of the numbers i emailed to you. i'm probably leavin earlish.


or, if you meant some random day in the future, just about any day is good for me except for fridays and saturdays.


lemme know =)



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My registrar had a little trouble, but they resolved it last night, and the web site is now ONLINE.


I just tossed out a simple "under construction" with a link to the event cache for tomorrow.


Look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow!

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Still lots of work to do, but I have some content out there and have reengineered the site to use frames (to get rid of some of the clutter).


Feedback is welcome.




Next steps are going to be assembling some Cache Do's and Don'ts, putting together some of the "easiest" and "hardest" lists, and maybe one or two tours.


I will need help on these, so if anyone has some information for any of them, send it my way!



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