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Feature Request: improve Notification Mails content

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The information within a notification mail is limited.


Like to see more information for Publish|Notification [GEO] Mails:

Name, Created by, Type, Difficulty, Terrain, Size, Date, Location, Distance


Like to see more information for [LOG] Mails:

Logged by, Log Type, Date, Type, Log, Picture attached to the log [Yes|No|# of attached pics]


No need of the green images in all Mails, everyone knows where it's coming from by email sender.

An option to receive those kind of Emails as plain text mails would be preferable. 

Option could be configurable within the account settings.



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Posted (edited)

I like the images, colors n stuff.  Most my other mail is bland, it's a slight change in the day.   :)

 - But I'd go one further by adding if it's PMO , I'd like it to say that.

I log out of this site when I access my mail. 

Otherwise, I'm on that pmo cache's audit, even though I may only glance at it, uninterested.

Of course the site could make it even easier by simply removing that invasive audit...


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