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Trackable page misinformation

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It's coming up on 2 years since the trackable page update that changed correct information on how to Drop a Trackable to incorrect information. 


In my reviewer role I explain over and over how to drop a trackable into your new cache .  It would be pleasant if  could just link to the trackable page, but I can not.





How do I log a trackable?

Trackables can be found in geocaches, your inventory, or through the trackable code search.

Use the tracking code to access the trackable details page and then choose the appropriate log type.




A trackable is not dropped from the TB page.  A trackable is dropped with a log to the cache that it's being dropped in.


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Posted (edited)



That page should at least have link to the Trackable basics page.  Yeah, along with a link, it's probably best to restate right on that new "Trackable FAQ" that "you may 'visit' or drop a Trackable in a cache while making a cache log".


While you're at it, wherever the Help Center says "move a TB within two weeks", change that to something like "log and place it promptly, people are waiting to read its adventures".  It's annoying to read takers insist that "it's only been two weeks, so I don't know why people are bothering me already".  Two weeks becomes another two weeks, until it's gone from the game.


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A part I think isn't worded properly is in the 2.1. section on Trackable etiquette:

Don’t keep other geocacher’s trackables

Selling or keeping a trackable which does not belong to you is frowned upon.

Only do this after you receive explicit permission from the trackable owner.


"Frowned upon" ?

Selling or keeping a trackable that doesn't belong to you should never be done without the owner requesting it.

I feel that wording, "frowned upon",  is why some may think it's okay to take a trackable from an "inactive" owner.

We know a couple who simply don't cache anymore, but have quite a few trackables out.    

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I just activated a Smokey tag received in the mail today.   :)

On step 2 of 3 it mentions the tracking "number" again.  I thought this was corrected in most areas.  Missed this one maybe...

It's a tracking code, and it is properly called a code in the Help Center.   

 - I believe so the two, Reference number, and Tracking code  aren't confused. 


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