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The Flying Dutchmen

Logging Lab Caches without getting close to the area

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As a lab cache owner I set the zone where you have to be in order to be shown the question that you need to answer.  Keeping track of who is completing this lab cache, I found the following users that are not located in and did not visit the geographical area, but logged one or more of the lab caches. So how is this possible, and how do they circumvent that "you have get closer to the location" requirement? In other words, how do they get access to the questions and how can they log the lab cache if they are hundreds of miles away and the lab cache zone is 1 mile or less?


Users logging lab caches without visiting them: Harleywaa, thedoglady, cachesucher2523, Kuku28, Die Lu.Tze AG.   Take a look at their accounts, their number of found lab caches seems unusual.

For example, Kuku28 found over 3000 lab caches, and only about a 1000 other caches.


What's the trick?



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3 minutes ago, The Flying Dutchmen said:

What's the trick?


The trick is to use a fake gps app. They are used for developing apps using location services. Instead of walking to the real cache location a developer can change reported coordinates to fake that the device has been moved there.

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6 hours ago, Deepdiggingmole said:

I have just had my Adventure Lab go live and the first 4 finders were all Fake 

Send an email to HQ, demanding they remove the fake finds, and block them from re-logging.

Maybe ask for some type of penalty for those accounts, like not being allowed to ever log another Adventure Lab.

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4 hours ago, ST.FU said:

How does one go about creating one of these Adventures Lab Cache



From the Release Notes thread:



Release Notes (Adventure Labs) - March 26, 2019


Earlier this year, we began soft launching the Geocaching Adventure Lab app, a new way for geocachers to find and log Lab Caches.
The Adventure Lab app offers many exciting advantages:


  • Media-rich storytelling — We are just getting started with this. Currently, the app allows creators to embed videos, imagery, and text for each location. We expect more opportunities in the future.
  • Public directory — View all publicly available Adventures. No need for a QR code or link, if it’s a public Adventure.
  • Location validation — Lab Caches can only be logged by finders within a distance determined by the creator. This is an often requested feature from creators who wish to limit cheating by people who do not actively visit the Adventure locations.
  • Linear gameplay — Adventure creators may choose for their Lab Caches to be played in a specific order, allowing for more creative storytelling.


Media-rich storytelling and linear gameplay are incompatible with the option to download and store location details in advance to a GPS device. As a result, today we retired the Lab Cache web player and GPX downloads. We are still exploring ways to share coordinates using methods that do not detract from the creators’ desired experience and would respect location requirements and linear storytelling.


To date, a select number of geocaching organizations and 250 qualified geocachers have received the chance to create Adventures. Each person who creates an Adventure must follow the Adventure Lab guidelines. These Adventures will remain active for at least six months, or potentially longer, for the community to enjoy.


This is still an experiment. Geocaching HQ is listening to feedback from creators and finders and will continue to update the app and builder with new technology and storytelling opportunities. Keep checking the Adventure app for new experiences in your area!


More information is available in the Geocaching Adventure Lab app FAQ.


So the short answer is that unless you qualified and were selected in the draw, for now you can't.


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