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Geocaching in China

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I will be in China and Thailand this fall. Normally I cache with my Galaxy 9 phone using the Geocaching app. Will this work or should I purchase a Garmin handheld GPS or what?

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The short answer is: Yes, your phones will work just fine.

Your options include: 

  • If your current plan supports international roaming at no extra charge, and Thailand and China are on the list of covered countries, then you don't have to do anything Carry on as normal.
  • If your plan does not support international roaming, and will charge you an arm and a leg to use data overseas, you could buy a sim card and service that covers asia while you're over there (it's cheaper over there). And then you'll have data.
  • Or, just keep your phone on airplane mode the whole time, using wifi hotspots for your data communications. If this is the case, create some pocket queries and/or lists for the areas that you'll be visiting and download the lists (PQs that have been run will also show up as lists in the App) while on wifi. Downloaded lists include a basemap, so you'll have both maps and caches for offline use. In fact, this method might be useful regardless of whether or not you are using data because you may venture into remote areas with no cell coverage. Of course, you can always check to see if there are any geocaches out there before leaving your hotel.
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