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Introducing geocaches to remote areas

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I was talking to a friend about introducing geocaching to the dominican republic. It has some but not enough for anyone to have fun with because there arent enough and theyre very far apart. But i thought about putting geocaches in tourists/nature areas that are frequently visited. She told me however most of these areas have 0 phone coverage. So while i understand for someone looking for the geocache they could download offline but for the person introducing the geocache...how would they get the coordinates of the place for people to find? I’m new and dont quite understand how gps’ work in remote areas. So feel free to school me haha im trying to introduce geocaches in places like “Pico Duarte” which is the highest peak in the caribbean. 

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Who is going to maintain these remote caches?  That's a big commitment!

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1 hour ago, Anairis said:

I’m new and dont quite understand how gps’ work in remote areas.

GPS works just fine in remote areas. It doesn't depend upon phone coverage at all.


With that said, GPS smartphone apps may or may not function well in areas with no coverage. A lot of smartphone apps assume that they are always connected to the internet, even when they could work when offline. You can test your specific app by putting your phone in airplane mode, and then seeing whether the app works.


But also be aware that the guidelines state:

  • Don't hide caches far from home.
    • Vacation/holiday caches are usually not published because they are difficult to maintain. It's best to place physical caches in your area so you can respond quickly to maintenance needs. In rare circumstances a vacation cache with an acceptable maintenance plan might be published.
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