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Nostalgia (GCZA01)


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So .... 4 Days ago I visited a friend of mine owning a bike shop in Centurion. They had all sorts of GPSs on the shelf, and I a cute little unit (Etrex 30x) that supported geocaching. WOW!! I thought back to the couple of caches I found and the one I placed and immediately bought it.


A couple of days later I signed up for a new account on geocaching.com, since I had no clue what my old account details were.  I browsed and googled geocaching in SA, and BAM!! ... my old cache name popped up. I finally found some details on what was placed in the cache (The Navision wristwatch - the company I worked for at the time) and then contacted the goecaching.com support team to recover my old account.  And only as I started reading more did I see how many people spoke about that 1st cache.  I feel so bad about letting the cache go to seed, and never realised what an impact it would have on the caching community.


I've sent my friends who previously owned the property an email, and will see if they know the current owners.  I will hopefully be able to speak to the new owners within the next week or so, and will give feedback here about the possibility of resurrecting this cache.




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I got in contact with the current land owners, but sadly, I do not think we will be able to place a cache on this land again. 


1. The owners don't want strangers on the land without prior notification.  Since this is situated in a rural area, security is a concern.

2. Liability. The current owners are concerned about liability issues if they give the public permission to use the land.

3. (And this is a minor one) The land is currently part of a land claims procedure.  Depending on the outcome there might be new owners with new issues.


I've been googling a lot about the new rules for placing caches and have to say, it all makes sense.  Keep in mind that this cache was placed before anyone even THOUGHT of all these issues. "Dit was leeu wereld, mense" ;)


I want to thank Jors for setting up the tribute cache.  




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