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Dive sites description

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The leader of this category gave to me the permission to rewrite the category description.

As you know, i am not english fluent and i like to do a good job, so i need your help.

As i like descriptions frames of Razalas and BK-Hunters, my proposal was inspired by them.

I only modify "Instructions for Posting a Dive Sites Waymark:"


Here my proposal :

This category identifies and describes popular recreational scuba diving sites around the world. Whether fresh or salt water, ideal for beginners or requiring advanced certification, these are places where you can get your fins wet.
Expanded Description:
Please limit postings to sites regularly visited by divers. Do not post any old body of water just because somebody could dive there; waymarks such as these will not be listed. While it is not required to actually dive a site to list it (although this is encouraged), you do need to at least visit the location. If a permit or landowner permission is required, please list information on how to obtain it. Also, please describe fees involved, if any.
Instructions for Posting a Dive Sites Waymark:

Coordinates must be taken by you during the visit to the site.

Provide at least two different photos, include a picture at the surface showing some sort of marker, buoy, sign, or landmark that marks the site, if any is available. Pictures of your dive are appreciated, especially any that highlight the underwater features of the site.

Include as much information as you can get about it in the long description. You must find a website referencing this dive site, with maps, what you can discover diving and how to practice this activity in this area.

Waymarks without Long / Detailed description will not be accepted.
Citations are allowed, but must be clearly declared, including the source.
The description must be in English, but if you want you can add other languages.

You must make every attempt to follow a naming convention: Dive site - City, State, Country


Feel free to correct what you want, gice advises, suggestions,...


Thank you

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7 minutes ago, Alfouine said:

I am waiting to have the right to change the description, i am not sur the leader know how to do to give me the right...

Since you are the only officer 1, he will have to change your permission to edit category under "ranks".  He will have to save the change. 

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He changed my account from officer 2 to officer 1 and he thought it was enought, but officer 1 and officer 2 have the same rights

I explained to him how to modify officer1 rights and i am waiting.

He's not an active waymarkers, 0 waymark and 0 visit... 

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