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Adding to Bookmark list

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I want to add a cache to a particular list, but add a comment while accomplishing that action.  Otherwise I have to add to list and then reenter the Bookmark edit the cache listing to add a comment


In the past, GC said we could do this by Right Clicking on the Add to List on cache page.  

It brings up the image below and in the past we chose which list and added comments, clicked Create Bookmark and got a confirmation screen that it had occurred.


Today I get nothing and it doesn't add it to the bookmark either.


Please fix this issue. 


It is difficult when you have multiple bookmarks it doesn't display the entire bookmark name in the list view from the cache page and they are not in alphabetical order to be able to find the correct list easily.  Doing the right click took care of that problem from the start.


We have tried, Chrome and both IE programs.  Using Windows 10 machines.


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I just tried to add a cache to an existing list by opening the list, entering the GC Code and click Add (see image below) and still nothing happens.


The Add to List or Submit button don't seem to be active.  Normally you should get your mouse to turn to a hand, but it only stays as an arrow.


Please fix this issue as a lot of us use Bookmarks.

Bookmark add.JPG

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I wonder if this is related to some of the recent website performance issues, discussed in other active threads, because I am not seeing the problem.  I just right-clicked on the "Add to List" link on a cache page and got the expected page that allows adding comments.


I use the "comments" feature regularly, so am glad the functionality is not gone.

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