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US geo center - SD

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You may use N 44º 58.037 W 103º 46.291, but since it seems there are none cache there, obviously the search will give zero results.

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7 hours ago, hikerbill said:

Why can't I achieve a successful search on this marker on this site?


You don't include enough info on what "marker" you're speaking about.    :huh:


If two are correct, that you're speaking about benchmarks , it's possible that whatever benchmark you found just isn't in the system. 

I've found over a hundred now that aren't in the system.  Bump into then when bushwhacking mostly...

Years ago, when this hobby was new (you remember that...) there were so few caches that the site added a bunch of benchmarks just so folks had something to find. 

Later, when more caches got placed, many went to find those caches (IIRC leaving found benchmarks to a "side-hobby" kinda thing).

The site never added more than the initial batch.

Did you try to check for it on the  Waymarking site ?      :)


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To get to the Benchmark search page  click "nearby benchmarks" on any cache page.

Once you're on that benchmarks page, there's a "new search" link at the top. It goes to the Benchmark search page.


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