I'm in the process of hiding my first Geocache on an island I've wanted to hide a cache on for years, and I've recently discovered it's actually owned by the New York State Electric and Gas company (NYSEG). I've written an email to them explaining Geocaching and that I'd like to hide a cache on their property, but honestly what incentive do they have in letting me do so? There's a tire swing and camp fire rings all over the island despite it clearly saying "no camping" several places so it's obvious they probably don't want people there to begin with, and it got me thinking how much easier it would be to just hide it on the island without informing them. Obviously I wouldn't do that because it's against the rules, but I also doubt that anyone from NYSEG would ever find out about this Geocache unless they themselves are Geocachers, in which case would they really care?    I was just writing that email asking for permission and thinking "Over 3 million Geocaches, how many of those on private property actually got permission from the land owners, and how many just placed it where they wanted?" Have you seen Geocaches get archived when uninformed land owners found out there was a Geocache on their property? Do Geocachers who do this get in trouble with Groundspeak? Like I said, I wouldn't do it because it's against the rules and I would hate to get found out and give Geocaching a bad reputation, but I can't deny the allure of just placing it where I want and hoping no one from NYSEG finds out about it. Have you ever been tempted to do this, or maybe have done it?