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Cache in Mexico, near Juarez and El Paso?

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My family and I are going to be driving from Silver City, NM to El Paso, TX, as part of a geocaching road trip. Any suggestions for how we can easily get a cache in Mexico, to add another country to our list? We have US passports, but we have a rental car so we'll have to park it on the US side and walk into Mexico. I'm looking at the caches in Juarez and I'm not optimistic that we'll be able to actually find them -- a lot of DNFs -- but maybe there's something I'm missing.


(I'll post this in the relevant Mexican forum, too, but thought I'd cast a wide net.)

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I never made it to Juarez when I lived in El Paso; my employer made it off limits, and I never got around to asking for an exception to policy.  I know plenty of folks who went and had no issues, though - Juarez is not the same town it was in the 90s and early 00s, it has quieted down considerably.


You'll definitely want to park and walk across (or bike - I took a bike across the Amistad Reservoir crossing to avoid the rental car issue when we got our sole Mexican find), then potentially get a cab if the caches you seek aren't within walking distance.  There are also bus excusions from El Paso, but I don't know how compatible they are with geocaching.  


Looks like all the ones near the border are owned by the same cacher, but only GC3TWB2 and GC3WD11 appear to have been reliably found recently.  I'd reach out to the CO to see if they can check up on some of the others - they were online as recently as the end of March, so they're around - and see if they can check on the others so you can improve your chances of coming away with a find.

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Alternatively, you could take a little detour on your trip down (or your way back), head to Columbus, and then take a run across the border to GC1Z3BP - last found last week and looks in great shape per the logs.  New Mexico Highway 9 is a nice alternative to I-10, if a little lacking in roadside services.  And, of course, it has caches.

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