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Virtual Cache in Broken Top Crater (YOU DECIDE)


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I have done a lot or research about some of the pioneers in the Central Oregon area and have created a virtual cache about one of them. The cache reviewer had a difficult time with this one but after some nice e-mails back and forth they have agreed to having a vote taken. The reviewer wanted this one to be a regular, micro and or multi cache. The find is a large metal plaque that tells the story. This plaque is located in the Broken Top Crater area. You decide and I will live with the results.





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Thanks for the heads up;

My reason for making this a virtual:

1. The plaque itself is unique. It is not located on any maps and isn't on the local historical register. If people wander this far off paved roads the "treasure" is the plaque and the area itself. Personally I cache because of the interesting places it takes me. This is one of the places. (In my mind)

2. The area is only accesible from mid July till the snow flys. Cache maintenance is an issue for me since I check all of my caches at least once every three months. My fear is that a physical cache could be in an unacceptable state and i wouldn't have the oppourtunity to correct it. The cache is only 25 miles from my house but the drive is about an hour and a half over some rough F.S. roads.

3. The cache is located off an old spur road but the surrounding area is alpine and sub-alpine where soils and vegetation and subject to easy damage with too much foot traffic. The Forest Service has closed old trails in that area for this reason.

4. There is a different physical cache close by although located in an area that is better suited for foot traffic.




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I'm not a big fan of virtuals, but if it is close to the area in the picture below, then it seems to have good merit for scenic quality. Plus, most of the area up near Broken Top is in a designated Wilderness, so a virtual may be the most appropriate for the location.





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I got into geocaching because it took me to some very special, hidden treasures that I would never have found without. I don't frankly care if it is traditional, virtual, multi, etc. I JUST want to see and take pictures of another one of God's great creations.


For quite some time, I could find them everywhere. Here in Central Oregon and all over the Pacific Northwest. Lately, I have been very disappointed with the caches that are popping out of the sand and rocks everywhere. And these are traditional, ammo can caches.


I don't mean to be critical, but this has lowered the level of my interest in caching. The irony is that there are a lot of great virtuals that are not getting approved. I remember discussion about geocaching.com having temporarily disbanded virtuals until they could come up with a better program. What ever happened to that program?


I've got some favorite cache hiders out there and always look forward to another of their hides. They know who they are. If I see a cache by Sskamp, I will not hesitate to hunt it down. If it is not posted, I will email for coords.


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Usually when I say virtual, the modifier "lame" goes in front of it. But, this case seems to me to be the appropriate use of a virtual cache.


I voted to list it.


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the surrounding area is alpine and sub-alpine where soils and vegetation and subject to easy damage with too much foot traffic. The Forest Service has closed old trails in that area for this reason.


This, more than any of the other reasons, is why this should be a virtual. I voted to list it.



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List it.


It's no different than the one EraSeek (?) put at the Ashael Curtis gravesite in Snoqualmie Pass other than the fact that he was permitted to hide a piece of tupperware up there, and you aren't permitted to hide anything at your (prettier?) site.


Seems to be a perfect application of a virtual, with much precedent in Washington DC and the other National Parks (for example, the memorial arch in Valley Forge).



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Yeah I would list it. I'm not a big fan of virtuals either. I'm also not a big fan of plaques either. but this one does sound interesting since it is in a remote area and not commonly known. I still think you can hide a physical cache even though you can't maintain it. If you place it in a safe place and properly prepare it. It should last a long time. You probably dont have to worry about foot traffic damage either. Most remote caches get very few visits. I have allot of somewhat remote caches and get very few visits. I've only had to place one virtual cache and that is only because it is in wilderness area. Except for the other two geocachers that helped me place the virtual. I have not had a single person visit it since I placed it last december. I think if you place it as a virtual you will get much fewer visits.

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I'm cool with it being a Virtual.


Lots of folks here say 'it isn't the trade items, it's the hunt.' So I really don't see the difference between hiking five miles to find a plaque and hiking five miles to find the ammo can under the obvious pile of rocks behind the plaque.


The hunt's the same...






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