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Cache attributes legend

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I'm quite new to the Geocaching thing and I'm still in the process of understanding a lot of stuff.


In the area I wanted to find caches, one of them appears on the map as a blue dot with a white square and two handles on top and right (it seems like a puzzle piece).

When we open this cache, it appears as a traditional cache but with the same picture as a "badge" of the traditional cache icon.


I've attached a screenshot of the icon.


I haven't found any explanation of this icon in the whole site and none of this cache attributes seems to refer to something special. So I'm wondering why this particular cache is represented like that on the map.


Could you help me understand this?


Thanks a lot !


Capture d’écran 2019-04-16 à 11.18.49.png

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Open the cache description and click the little pencil icon next to the coordinates. Here is a tool you can use to restore the cache to the original position.

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Posted (edited)

The puzzle piece indicates that you’ve added ‘corrected coordinates’ to the cache.  This can be done (and undone) on the website or the app.








Typically, you might use this to enter the final coordinates of a puzzle or a multi, but it can also be used to tweak the coords of a Trad, if new information has become available (such as someone providing ‘better’ coords in a log).


NB. These corrected coordinates are only visible to you, personally.


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Added the NB.
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Thanks @IceColdUK.

Your explanation is exactly what I was looking for.


I really don't know how I changed the coordinates of this particular cache, but it was not intended!


Thanks again,


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