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Notes posted in app not showing up on website

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This has happened at least five different days.  I post a Find or Attended note (post, not save as draft), my total number of finds goes up, and a yellow smiley face shows up on the map on the phone app.  Same thing if I first Save as Draft, then change to Post.  When I get home and look on the computer at the geocaching.com web site, however, there is nothing there.  No smiley face, no draft, no increase in count, no log.  

I understand it may take awhile to travel through cyberspace, but how long should I allow?  I have waited up to 3 days, but afraid I will forget which ones I found if I wait longer.  

It is especially frustrating if I added details about the condition of the container, the log, or location.  I guess I need to make written notes to know what I did and found.

This is the geocaching.com app on an Android Motorola smart phone.

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