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between Seattle & Portland--the perfect cache.


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We're introducing my father-in-law to geocaching on a trip from Seattle to Portland on Mother's Day. Could anyone recommend a cache that is about halfway, near I-5, and scenic with fairly easy terrain? Is that asking too much? Would really appreciate any suggestions! icon_razz.gif

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It's pretty close to I-5, if you listen hard you can actually hear it from here. It is just south of Olympia


The cache is easy to find, not more than 15 feet off the trail in a state park. Pretty easy going terrain, if you take the right path. icon_biggrin.gif


This is the link to the cache. If you decide to check it out we might even be able to give you a hint as to which trail to take. icon_smile.gif


smile02.gif Why be normal!!!!

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Since my wife has pointed out "The Big Tree" cache, I should probably ask you a couple of questions.

1st. How old is your father-in-law?

Next, What terrain level do you think he can handle?

How far off of I-5 do you want to go?


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Scenic... nice view... near I-5... Not hard to get to...


Sounds like Bronze Deer to me. Then once he finds it, if he's gung ho, have him find Aurburn Lookout (yeah, it's misspelled) which is a whopping 0.04 miles away (if it's still there).


Then if he's still gung ho, and he can handle climbing over a log, go for "Seekers Seek Blue Heron's", which is 0.24 miles from there.


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