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Old account uses email that no longer exists. Can I switch emails so I can keep my data?

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My wife and I started geocaching in 2003 with her sister and husband. We did it very actively for a few years (even has stickers to save time and chances of getting caught made) including setting up a cache with them. However, just caring about thrill, logging in stopped because we would be too tired after hitting eight caches in six hours all over the county.

Well now we have a little one and want to show him the ropes properly (no shortcuts). However the login is related to an email account that I cannot access anymore. Can I swap the account email to another of in talks with a person of power.

I don't have premium or anything like that (it didn't exist when we started). I'd just like to see our tracks and stuff.

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Welcome back to geocaching! 


Premium memberships began in 2002, for the record.  :grin:


I recommend writing to Geocaching HQ via the Help Center, with the details about the old account name and email address.  See this Help Center page.

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